New Art Sale

The catastophic illness expenses fund for my cousin-in-law has reached about 1/3 of the $25,000 goal ( Last week I did Instagram, the next two weeks I would like to run a new art sale. I have uploaded my "Splash" photo to the production company Fine Art America (FAA). The photo is on sale for $50 above production costs - any size, any medium. The $50 markup from each sale will go to the fund. All other prints on my FAA profile page will be discounted 25% for the next two weeks use code: ANMMFP. Proceeds from those prints will also go to the fund.

Available media are canvas, fine art paper, acrylic and metal. To maintain the photographic quality, I would recommend paper, acrylic or metal. Sizes for this print are 8"x8" up to 30"x30". 

Thank you for your support. 

Ice Flows

Yesterday I took my dog to the park at Lake Erie Bluffs so we could hike down to the beach for picture taking. She was a trooper. Even though the ground was cold, she followed along, no leash. She did have a light jacket to help keep her warm.

Down at the beach, the sand was still partially frozen, but it was warm enough that the lake water had started to melt. Chunks of ice were floating around, moving west with the currents. There was one little pocket where the water was calm and the prettiest blue I have seen on Lake Erie. 

This wasn't a shot I had planned, but I tried to get a nice one. Sadly, my DSLR photos of this area didn't turn out, but I got a beautiful pic with my iPhone.  Photographed and edited in Camera+


This post is delayed a bit, but I sold my first piece, to someone other than a family member. A 20"x30" print on metal of the Golden Gate Bridge was sold to a buyer in Chicago. He was really happy with the finished product from FineArtAmerica.

The white circle is a reflection (camera flash, I assume)

Here is the photo that was printed.

Lighthouse from a New Location

The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse at Headlands Beach sits on jetty along the west side of the Grand River. From Fairport Beach the lighthouse is only accessible by boat. From Headlands Beach, you can hike to it.  This photo was taken from the walkway south of the lighthouse along the jetty. Using a neutral density filter I was able to smooth the water. The sky didn't have much happening, but after post-processing it looks a bit like a water color.

What's most exciting for me is this location provides a nice composition that isn't shown much. This photo was taken in a scouting hike, looking for new locations. I know what to do now, so I can be better prepared the next time the sky cooperates. 

Headlands Lighthouse

Wine and Canvas | Paris - Part II

Tuesday night I attended the Wine and Canvas session at Claddagh Legacy Village in Beachwood. The subject for the night was "Paris at Night" originally painted by our instructor, Cassie.  I was really excited about this painting, because it has an architecture and perspective component. However, the painting was much more difficult than any of the others I have done. The combination of fine details and the location of my seat, away from the instructor increased the difficulty. 

Here's Cassie's original that we were working from.

The original painting

The following are a few photos of the progression.


and finally, my version.

Paris at Night by Adam Kilbourne

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The painting I started last summer stalled a while back.  I forgot to take some progress along the way, but here's a shot of the canvas as it looks at the moment.