headlands beach

My new favorite photo, of my own work

Last week I went to the local state park beach just before sunset. I've been working on my current set of abstract photos. During that shoot, I came up with my current favorite piece to date. 

Headlands Beach Winter Abstract has a wonderful mix of colors and soft textures. The image is direct from the camera, the only manipulation was done in Lightroom, boosting the colors, contrast, clarity, etc. 

I love that this photo looks like it could have been taken on a plane, over the clouds. In reality, it was taken on a snow covered beach. 

In the near future, I plan to get a large print made of this photo. 

headlands Winter Sunset-6236.jpg

Lighthouse from a New Location

The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse at Headlands Beach sits on jetty along the west side of the Grand River. From Fairport Beach the lighthouse is only accessible by boat. From Headlands Beach, you can hike to it.  This photo was taken from the walkway south of the lighthouse along the jetty. Using a neutral density filter I was able to smooth the water. The sky didn't have much happening, but after post-processing it looks a bit like a water color.

What's most exciting for me is this location provides a nice composition that isn't shown much. This photo was taken in a scouting hike, looking for new locations. I know what to do now, so I can be better prepared the next time the sky cooperates. 

Headlands Lighthouse