Lake Erie Bluffs Sunset

Earlier this week I went to one of my favorite parks, Lake Erie Bluffs, to photograph the sunset. I've been adding to my abstract collection.  I also took a few standard sunset photos, including a couple with my iPhone. 

This photo was shot and edited with my iPhone. I use Camera+ on my phone for most of my iPhonography and editing. The interface is easy and powerful. I posted this picture to Facebook and Instagram. It has received more likes and comments than just about any other photo I've posted. I think it is a fine picture, but not necessarily my best work. 

Ice Flows

Yesterday I took my dog to the park at Lake Erie Bluffs so we could hike down to the beach for picture taking. She was a trooper. Even though the ground was cold, she followed along, no leash. She did have a light jacket to help keep her warm.

Down at the beach, the sand was still partially frozen, but it was warm enough that the lake water had started to melt. Chunks of ice were floating around, moving west with the currents. There was one little pocket where the water was calm and the prettiest blue I have seen on Lake Erie. 

This wasn't a shot I had planned, but I tried to get a nice one. Sadly, my DSLR photos of this area didn't turn out, but I got a beautiful pic with my iPhone.  Photographed and edited in Camera+

Pickle Bills

Pickle Bills is a local restaurant on the Grand River in Northeast Ohio.   It's known as a lobster house, but has a menu with quite a variety of choices. The decor is very eclectic, with a heavy influence from the sea.  I had dinner there on Thursday, and used the camera I had with me, my iPhone and the Camera+ app. I was really happy with the results.



Kevin's Martini Bar

The other a group of us were having lunch with our friend, Kevin, who was in from Atlanta.  We ate outside at the Greenhouse Tavern, across the street from Kevin's Martini Bar.  Kevin wanted a picture before we left.

Using Camera+ on my iPhone I took the photo below. I know I didn't compose the shot very well, with the sun harsh on his face. But I was really impressed with the HDR filter in Camera+. With the filter at 100%, it's a bit much, but scaled down to 10-20%, it provides just enough character to the photograph. 

Camera+ is my go to camera app. I think the pictures come out better than in the standard camera app, and the various filters and controls allow for improved cleanup and creativity. 

Kevin's Martini Bar