New Art Sale

The catastophic illness expenses fund for my cousin-in-law has reached about 1/3 of the $25,000 goal ( Last week I did Instagram, the next two weeks I would like to run a new art sale. I have uploaded my "Splash" photo to the production company Fine Art America (FAA). The photo is on sale for $50 above production costs - any size, any medium. The $50 markup from each sale will go to the fund. All other prints on my FAA profile page will be discounted 25% for the next two weeks use code: ANMMFP. Proceeds from those prints will also go to the fund.

Available media are canvas, fine art paper, acrylic and metal. To maintain the photographic quality, I would recommend paper, acrylic or metal. Sizes for this print are 8"x8" up to 30"x30". 

Thank you for your support.