Great week for sales

This has been a great week for sales.  I typically only sell a couple prints per year. This week I had 2 really nice print sales. 36"x20" black and white prints of the Marcus Center in Milwaukee. I also sold a license for a stock photo of the Milky Way.

One of my photos from Cleveland Public Library is getting published in Marketer magazine, a trade journal distributed to 7,000 members of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), thanks to my friend, Tom Townes, who asked for it to be included with an article he wrote.

And finally, I found out my first splash photo will be featured on KelbyOne for Member Monday. 

Winter Sunset on Lake Erie

The sunsets on the south shore of Lake Erie are not quite as brilliant in the winter, due to the position of the sun in the sky. The sun sets south of the lake and doesn't usually light up the clouds. Tonight was just pretty, because the water was so calm in the harbor. The puffy clouds in the sky picked up a little color, but were mostly muted. 

The still water made for nice reflections of the light house. And the moon made an early appearance.

I finally put my new tripod and Platypod to use. A couple behind the scenes shot highlight the gear. Both are fantastic. 

Cleveland Skyline

Last night looked like it was going to set up for a beautiful sunset in the Cleveland area, but the sky didn't cooperate. I've had a new site on my list and finally made the effort to get out there. The Cleveland sign in Tremont, at the intersection of W14th and Abbey Ave. offers a nice view of the skyline. 

The two middle photos below are panoramas. The first is a 10 shot pano, and the second is made of 6 shots. Both are done with 3 shot bracketing, so they are actually 30 and 18 shots, respectively. They are shot at about 75mm.