KelbyOne - The Grid: My Website Critiqued

Thank you Scott, Kalebra, and Erik for your critiques on The Grid. I was a couple weeks behind in watching The Grid. My website was selected this time around (June 1st). It was near the end of the show and you considered it the best you had seen for the day. I apply what I've learned from previous episodes of The Grid, along with other education content from KelbyOne and others. It is nice to get the validation. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 7.16.41 PM.png

One of my favorite shows for photography education is The Grid produced by KelbyOne. The Grid is recorded live and streamed for free every week. I've watched it for several years and have learned so much. My photography has improved tremendously over the years, in large part from the blind critique episodes of The Grid. For the blind critiques, photographers can submit a few photos with the opportunity to get critiqued by professionals. They have more submittals than they can share in an episode, so the selection is random. They are considered blind because the photographers are not named publicly. 

After about a year of trying, I was fortunate to have some photos blind critiqued in episode 139. They get to my pics at 38:09. They gave some good, helpful feedback. Here's a link to the episode.

It's not only critiquing my photos and website that is helpful, but hearing the critiques of other submissions, and applying what I learned from those.

A funny sidenote... I was a couple weeks behind on watching The Grid and I had no idea my site was in the episode. Shortly after they recorded the episode, but before I watched, I had transitioned my website to a new layout. After watching the episode, I switched my site back to the previous layout. There were some design elements in my new layout that were not critiqued favorably in other websites. Applying what I learned, I switched back. 

Here's a link to the website critiques. My site comes up at the 1 hour 1 minute mark.

If you are trying to learn or improve your photography skills, check out The Grid.