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3 Legged Thing | preliminary review

My old tripod is starting to show it's age., so I asked for a new one for Christmas. Scott Kelby regularly mentions gear by 3 Legged Thing. I looked into them and put a Leo model tripod with the AirHead Switch kit (ball head). I asked for a second AirHead Switch to use with my Platypod, and a QRII (quick release L-bracket plate). Thankfully my family is generous and got the gear I asked for.

It's been way too cold for me to go spend time shooting outside which means I've only used the gear briefly in the house.  However, my first impressions are off the chart.

3 Legged Thing Equinox Leo Carbon Fiber Tripod System & AirHed Switch Ball Head

First off, the Leo is stunning. It looks like a tool for work on Mars. Unlike traditional tripods, it comes with copper and orange accents (grey is available). The design is well thought out with exceptional engineering.  The legs have 3 locking angles and have 5 extendible sections with friction locks. The lock handles are wider than on traditional tripods with rubber grips embedded in them. The leg shafts are made of carbon fiber and extremely stable, with little to no flex.



Not only functional, but a sculptural beauty.

Other features include a center column with two extensions. The center column is also easy to remove and install from the bottom for additional options when shooting. On top of the center column is a "tri-mount" developed by 3LT that includes multiple threaded connections and 3 rings for attaching accessories.



for various attachment options


Another unique feature is one leg is detachable for use as a monopod. It unscrews from the base and has a threaded connection to mount a camera, light or other accessory.

The package comes with a canvas carry bag, allen keys, and a unique tool clip with built-in allen key and screw-driver.  The screwdriver is used to attached the mounting plate to your camera. They think of everything.

AirHed Switch


AirHed Switch

Comes in grey or blue and features a lock for the tilt as well as a swivel and lock for panorama. Arca Swiss compatible

The AirHed Switch is designed equally as well as the tripod. Like the Leo, the Switch has color accents. It comes in blue or grey.  I have one of each. The locking mechanism is smooth and stable, it locks in tight. The clamp for the camera mounting plate is Arca Swiss compatible and uses a lever to lock-in the camera.


3 Legged Thing makes a quick release plate for regular and full-sized cameras. The plate is an L-bracket that allows for easy shifting from horizontal to vertical orientation of the camera. You can change the orientation with the AirHed Switch, but with a heavier camera, it's more stable to keep the camera over the ball head. The QRII has strap connectors to allow use of camera straps.



L-bracket for quick change from horizontal to vertical.

Customer Service

We normally don't like to contact customer support, but sometimes things happen. I'm not sure the reason, but my QRII didn't fit quite right on my AirHeds. The short side for vertical shots locked in fine, but the long side was loose on the AirHed Swtich.  Apparently it would work fine on the other model of AirHed, the 360.  

I contacted customer support at 3LT, because I wasn't sure if the QRII was designed this way intentionally, or if it was manufacturing issue.  The plate is supposed to lock in on both sides. 3LT was fantastic in responding quickly and offering to send me a new plate. I received it in two days. I couldn't ask for more friendly and helpful support.


The weather is predicted to warm up soon and I'm looking forward to putting the 3 Legged Thing gear to use.