The Worst Part of Having a Dog...

is saying goodbye.

Today I said goodbye to Chloe, my 12 year old Boxer. She's been with me for the last 7 years, after being rescued from the Lake County Humane Society. 

Chloe was a wonderful dog from the start. She was always happy and well behaved. She stayed in the yard, never chewed furniture or other stuff. She was protective of her yard, but was very friendly to people who were invited in. 

For the past 6 years Chloe has been taking medication to treat a heart condition common to Boxers. The meds worked well keeping her heart in check. About 6 months ago she started showing symptoms of Cushings Disease which was treated fairly successfully with meds. About 3 weeks ago she got a severe bacterial infection under her skin. Sadly it is highly resistant to drugs, and the meds were not working. I think her immune system was too compromised to fight. 

The infection got so bad, and was so uncomfortable, I felt it was time to let her go. Now she's more comfortable and in a better place resting peacefully.