Civil War Reenactment at President Garfield's home

Last weekend the National Park Service hosted a Civil War Encampment Reenactment at the James A. Garfield Historic Site in Mentor, Ohio. Sunday morning I took my camera to the grounds and photographed as much as I could.

I chose to process most of these photos in a way to artificially age them, giving them more of an authentic feel. I left a slight bit of color in the images, realizing photos at that time would likely be monochrome in black and white or sepia tone. But I like having a bit of color. 

I've organized the photos below into loose groups. The first few shots are of soldiers. Followed by famous faces - Frederick Douglass and the Lincolns. President Garfield's house is the main building on the property and has been restored to it's original condition. The next group of photos focuses on life at the encampment. And last, some detailed photos of items in and around the encampment.