It's been a while since my last post. I've meant to publish several times and let other things get in the way. Neglect. As the new year quickly approaches, I have two goals. 1. exercise. 2.  be more diligent with my blog.

A few updates. 

I have been taking photos for the past two months that this page has collected dust. Most are not portfolio worthy, but should be posted to the blog. I'll select a few to post.

My neighbor, and dogsitter, is getting ready to open a web site and online store. We spent a weekend photographing the jewelry that he sells. It was a fun project and I have a couple "behind the scenes" photos. I've never marketed products, so that is an interesting learning experience. 

Last year my car was broken into and all my camera gear was stolen. I got most of it replaced but couldn't afford my favorite lens, a 50mm f/1.8 macro. My mom bought me a new one for Christmas, so I'll be back to taking closeup shots. 

Pipe to the gas meter. Although it looks neglected, a new pipe was recently run inside of this corroded mess.