Wine and Canvas | Paris - Part II

Tuesday night I attended the Wine and Canvas session at Claddagh Legacy Village in Beachwood. The subject for the night was "Paris at Night" originally painted by our instructor, Cassie.  I was really excited about this painting, because it has an architecture and perspective component. However, the painting was much more difficult than any of the others I have done. The combination of fine details and the location of my seat, away from the instructor increased the difficulty. 

Here's Cassie's original that we were working from.

The original painting

The following are a few photos of the progression.


and finally, my version.

Paris at Night by Adam Kilbourne

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The Hardest Part is Starting

After about a two year hiatus from painting, I'm finally starting a new canvas. It feels good to work with paint again. I found the hardest part was getting started.  The first evening I brought the canvases and supplies out from storage - can't do anything without those.

I was definitely inspired by my recent trip to San Francisco where I took hundreds of photographs. Next I had to narrow my inspiration and find a photo or two that I could use as a reference.  I wanted something interesting, but not too detailed. I decided on merging two photos together. I really like the picture of the boat, with Alcatraz in the background. Alcatraz is really small in this picture. I have another picture of Alcatraz with much more detail. Here are the two reference pictures.


Each step of this project I'll post an update.